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A Growing African Church

In Africa, where the church is growing as fast as anywhere on earth, the rapid surge in new church plants and believers has outpaced the church's capacity to train its leaders.

As a result, many pastors and lay leaders are serving their churches faithfully but with minimal training.

Pastor Ken Mbugua from Nairobi explains the challenge:

"In many cases, the pastors in cities do not have any form of theological training. This has resulted in increasingly shallow theology, leaving many local churches susceptible to whatever error its society was infected with at present."

Pastor Ken Mbugua

But unfortunately, attending Bible School isn't a viable option for many. Most can't afford to leave their families and jobs behind. And even if they could, the literacy qualifications and tuition required to attend a faraway Bible School are prohibitive.

So, while both leaders and congregations are eager to learn, there’s a structural lack of access to good Biblical nutrition here.

A Bible School That Can Keep Up

Listen to Learn has stepped boldly into this teaching vacuum to provide a one-of-a-kind delivery model of high-caliber Biblical curriculum that can scale quickly to train thousands of pastors and lay leaders across Africa.

How? By working exclusively in audio.

L2L has created an expansive library of outstanding audio teaching (the default learning style of most aural cultures), and packaged it into a two-year, 500-hour curriculum of essential Biblical training that students can access on their cell phones and listen to anywhere - in their own language.

The fastest-growing church in the world needs a Bible school that can keep up. Listen to Learn provides the right training for African church leaders at every level to learn better, lead better and live better.

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