Our Curriculum

Biblical Nutrition

An outstanding audio curriculum + digital faculty

Our curriculum is carefully reviewed and selected by our academic dean (and life-long learner), Bill Fitch and supported by other L2L staff.

As you would expect, L2L's curriculum contains a lot of information about the Bible, including techniques to improve our student study skills; courses on understanding our basic Christian beliefs and how to defend them against other worldviews; practical coaching on discipleship and Christian character; advice on building leadership skills and growing our churches.

Course Examples

To cover the content in each semester (once), a student must study an hour a day, five days a week.

Down to Earth Wisdom (Proverbs)

The Purpose Driven Life

Dust to Glory (Bible overview)

Key Christian Doctrines

With Peter in the School of Discipleship

The Book of Romans

Unlocking the Bible (Bible Survey)

Psalm 23: Abundant Living Here and Now

Desiring God

Stir Me

Lessons in Leadership from Nehemiah

Biography of the Real Jesus

Spiritual Leadership

Why I am a Christian


Acts 1: The Birth of the Church

Acts 2: Dynamics of Spiritual Growth

Acts 3: Turning the World Upside Down

Book of Hebrews

Book of Isaiah

Book of Galatians

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