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Applied Faith: We're Looking for Carpenters, Not Architects

Listen to Learn is a different type of Bible school. While our curriculum is intellectually demanding, our academic focus is imminently practical.

In many ways, L2L is like a Bible trade school. A school for applied faith - faith that listens, learns, and then gets to work. We're not looking to graduate a few theological architects, we're focused on training thousands of Bible-respecting carpenters.

So, our school and our studies are deeply practical, focused on training up better leaders who live better lives of faith at home, at work, in the church, and in the community. Leaders at every level who love learning, commit themselves to their Bibles and to leading themselves in a God-honouring way.


Listen to Learn currently offers three learning opportunities for interested students living in primarily East Africa.


We're a school without walls.

Each registered student in either program listens and learns on their own, but then comes together every three months with other students in local cohorts (we call these LBIs - Local Bible Institutes) for fellowship, encouragement, evaluation, and to reload their devices with the next three months of audio teaching.

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